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Melissa Dutch Music Studio

Your soul. Your Voice. Your sound. 

Founded by Melissa Dutch in 2016, the Village of Carlisle, Ontario, in 2023, Melissa Dutch Music Studio is a holistic, comfortable, creative space for established and budding artists alike to come and connect to their soul, find their voice, and establish their unique sound. 

Whether you are visiting us in person, or connecting through virtual lessons, you will encounter the same individualized, high quality lessons tailored to your unique needs as an artist, performer, writer, and vocalist. 

Specializing in Vocals, Songwriting, and Performance instruction, your coach is dedicated to your growth as a human being, and as a creative.

Get ready to grow!


What will I learn at MDM Studio?

You will learn speech style, and vocal freedom techniques, so that you can stop straining for those high and low notes, sustain your breath longer, and sing with greater freedom, honestyand agility. 

You will learn to connect to the messages and the lyrics that matter most to you, in a way that is personally fulfilling, and comes across powerfully and vulnerably to your audience.

You will learn what it takes to write and arrange your songs, crafting performances that will live in your audiences memory.

You will gain experience performing, learn from and build community with your peers in specialized group performance masterclasses, and studio recitals once per term. 

You will learn to honor your inner voice, and care for your whole artist self, because art and beauty flows from an attuned and balanced body, soul, mind, and nervous system.

Book a free 15 minute consultation today to find out if MDM Studio is right for you!

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Who is my coach?

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Melissa Dutch

is an accomplished coach and artist with:

Over 10 years of coaching experience.

Experience singing and training in a wide range of styles to suit your needs.

Consistent and continued development with top level coaches. 

Real world experience writing, gigging, arranging, promoting, performing, and recording.

Experience coaching a wide array of people, including those with neurodivergence. All learning styles are honored and considered.

A high level of dedication to her students' growth and development.


MELISSA DUTCH is an ARTIST/PERFORMER/WRITER, and VOCAL COACH, specializing in contemporary pop, rock, and indie genres, with a technical background in jazz, classical voice, musical theatre, and opera. She offers students a diverse and all-encompassing music education, or a specific focus on almost any genre of your choice. ​

She has been running her registered private studio, MELISSA DUTCH MUSIC STUDIO, from 2016 to today, with a community of dedicated voices, both in person, and virtually throughout the pandemic. Melissa has been coaching for a over a decade, and spent 2018-2020 as a founding coach at OMARI MUSIC STUDIOS: a studio in Oakville with a high standard for technical excellence in music study and performance.

Melissa also works with the prominent non-profit, HAMILTON MUSIC COLLECTIVE, pioneering their Songwriting for Mental Wellness program, and coaching vocals throughout the year, and for pioneering program: Musical Futures Camp.​ She is the choir director for the Hamilton chapter of TOMORROW'S VOICES a free and inclusive choir for singers age 8-18, where kids get real industry experience singing at concerts with touring artists and for local sports teams.

On top of being a dedicated coach and mentor, Melissa has an active career as a solo gigging, writing and recording artist in Hamilton and the GTA. Melissa has been recording and releasing original music as a powerful vocalist and a honest poet & lyricist since 2020. Her singles include, "MEET YOU THERE", and "SPARROWS", and single/music video, "PRETTY DISASTER", with new music on the horizon. Melissa is also involved with the non-profit powerhouse, HAMILTON YOU POETS in Hamilton, Ontario, and is a founding member of RE:COLLECTIVE, a creative space for collaborative art and performance in Hamilton, Ontario. 

Melissa was trained classically with the ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC curriculum, winning regional and local competitive vocal awards. She studied at HUMBER COLLEGE's Jazz and Contemporary Music Program for Voice, with a focus on songwriting. She invests in consistent and continued development with top level coaches such as MICAH BARNES (Canada's Got Talent, Sally Shaar of Monowhales, JP Saxe), LORRAINE LAWSON (Schitt's Creek, Neon Dreams), and FALCONER ABRAHAM (Jully Black, Shawn Mendes). ​

Melissa's dedication to artistic growth has made her a passionate coach who believes in caring for the whole artist. She approaches instruction with a spirit of healing, acceptance, growth, and inclusivity. The voice is our instrument, an extension of our natural body, the language of our heart, and an expression of our soul. ​

I can't wait to help you connect to your soul, express your voice, and find your sound!

"I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Melissa for vocal lessons over the last couple years. I've worked with a few vocal teachers and I can say Melissa has been the one who's really been able to help me identify and understand proper technique, placement, pitch etc. She's really been able to articulate these in a way no one else has been able too. It finally clicked with her! Melissa is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her craft and teaching her students how to find their own voice. I always look forward to our lessons and cannot thank her enough for all the tools, strength, and resources she has gifted me!"

Katie Neeb, Client, Model, Owner of Storybook Events

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